Fairbanks Youth Soccer Association

Winter Break Youth Sports and Wellness Camp December 2022

Registration Form

Clear Current Selection

There are a variety of options to choose from for our Winter Break camp! Please pay careful attention to your selection below!

Please note: camp does not include any kinds of snacks or meals. Water will be available for participants.

For those needing an earlier drop-off, we'll have a 'Before-Hours Morning Chill' option. Select this and your participant may be dropped off as early at 8:45am. Staff will be on-site to monitor participants in the designated hangout room and are welcome to read, play games, socializing, have quiet time, eat breakfast etc. 

For those needing a later pick-up time, we'll have an 'After-Hours Open Gym & Chill' option. This will span from 4pm to 5:15pm each day. Staff will remain on-site to monitor participants, who can choose to continue to play on the court or remain in designated areas for reading, games, socializing, quiet time, etc. 

Participation Waiver

Please review the Participation Sportsmanship Waiver, Medical Release, and Hold Harmless Waiver for FYSA programs, available at the following link:


FYSA Membership Required for All Non-Soccer Activities

Per the agreement with the FNSB regarding FYSA's usage of the Carlson Center for the winter of 2022-2023, all activities taking place on the new sports court flooring must be an 'FYSA Program'. As such, any individuals participating in an event must be an FYSA member. Typically, FYSA membership is only associated with those who take part in an established soccer season or program.

However, our organization's Bylaws allow for individuals to be become an Associate Member. This category of membership is for those engaged with the organization in ways other than participation in a soccer program. There are additional insurance expenses for FYSA for our non-soccer activities and as such, a small Associate Member fee is applied through this membership process. This is currently $8. Becoming an FYSA Associate Member allows community members to then register for any other FYSA non-soccer events taking place at the Carlson Center.

This membership is REQUIRED for such participation and will cover the entire current winter (ending April 2023). Note: Associate Members do not have voting privileges at the AGM or any Special Membership Meeting of unless approved by the FYSA Board of Directors.

If you are not already an FYSA member, make sure to complete the simple Associate Membership form prior to your first activity. That registration can be completed here: