Fairbanks Youth Soccer Association

Summer 2024 Coach Registration

General Information

background screening

All coaches must fill out the background screening yearly.  The background screening link can be found under the 'Coaches' page. 

Coaching Incentives

Any coach that volunteers will automatically receive a flat 50% refund on their player's registration fee. Refunds are processed by FYSA staff near the halfway point of each season. You will receive an email notification of this action on your account. 

coaching support

One of FYSA'S main missions is accessible soccer education. We don't expect every parent or volunteer to be an expert, and we aim to make the coaching process as enjoyable as possible. We will have a full 8-week session plan available to you with all of your practices planned out. These are optional, but many find the session plans helpful or at least a good starting point. 


Contact us at staff@fairbanksyouthsoccer.com or by phone at (907) 456-3972.